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Hight Frequency Welder

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1) Outline
This high frequency welder is used in heat treatment or melting of metal by means of induction
heat principle and it is vacuum tube induction heater.
Based on our experiences and technologies, this principle is utilized in many
industrial fields and also we provide computer aided design for the oscillator
station and other developments.
Touch screen unit is applied for control unit of high frequency welder and it allows that operator to deal with
each error and maintenance so as to get high quality products.
Also, it can control welding conditions by means of energy movement circuit and
it is possible to print data and values out and electric control can be adjusted on
the screen by using simple operation panel.

2) General rate
ⓐ Name : High frequency finning induction welding machine
ⓑ Input voltage : 380 / 400 / 440 Volt, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
ⓒ Input power : 500KVA
ⓓ Oscillation output : 240KW (300KW option)

3) Other equipment, installation and remarks
Other installations as below are required to set induction welding machine up
and the customer may ask the supplier for installation of this equipment.
ⓐ Cooling tower (60RT / 150,000kcal)
ⓑ Cooling water tank and circulation pump
ⓒ Pipe arrangement
ⓓ Electric Power management

High Frequency Welder