HANSUNG | Spiral Fin Tube Welding Machine


Technological Development Positive Action Harmony and Unity by developing Auto H.F Resistance Welder for Spiral Fin Tube with the maximum capacity in Korea and by employing Graphic Touch Screen, one of HMIS(Human Machine interfaces), in High frequency equipments for the first time on Korea, Hansung High Frequency Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1998, has been leading the Korean industry for the high function and reliability of the automation facilities of high frequency application. To keep up with various demands of customers and to yield synergy effect with other companies, all employees at Hansung are endeavoring industriously with the company's motto.
"Technological Development","Positive Action", and "Harmony and Unity".

For the present, we at Hansung are working for the fulfillment of two concepts of "Information" and "Standardization" of
production sites which are popular in modem industrialized society, and we are also throwing our energy into quality
management through ISO 9001. From now on, to jump up to be an international company of high frequency application
automation, Hansung High Frequency Co., Ltd. Will concentrate its efforts on the precise design of its vision, the
reeducation of the employees and bringing up of talented personnel to keep with ever-improving technological
development, the securing of stable financial status, and the fostering of sound and pleasant organization culture.
Moreover, through continuous technological development and management innovation, Hansung will become a total
solution company supplying all the ideal service which customers want to have. We hope you will be with us for a new
future, with Hansung High Frequency Co., Ltd. Jumping to be an international company of High frequency application
automation by supplying quality products and service to customers, and by allowing the employees to have precise
vision and to acquire new value.