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Hot air stove

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Wood pellet stove
Drastically cut
down heating bills!
Our wood pellet stoves and pellet boilers are intended to drastically reduce the fuel costs of boiler and hot air stove without which households or workplace can't do.

Features of wood pellet boiler

Strong flame
Cyclone burner system produces ultrahigh flame (Patent No: 2011-75700)
Unimaginable high temperature from wood fuel gives complete combustion.
Patented special heat exchange pin tube
Fitted with special heat exchange pin tube and maximizes
the thermal efficiency.
95% in thermal efficiency
Discharges dust through stove pipe and prevents fire-flakes from discharging in the air during combustion,
in addition, collects the waste heat and realizes the thermal efficiency 90%.
Thermal efficiency can be used in thermal efficiency 95% without chimney in some facilities environment.
Fitted with damper
Furnished with damper to prevent backfiring fully
Domestic and international patent pending
Space heating
Fitted with 2* 80W cross fans allowing for quick space heating.
Produces heat value twice compared to that of existing product.
You can reclean the combustion burner chamber easily by one touch system.
· Composition and Name
  • Fuel tank
  • Controller
  • Device of collecting dust and
    recovering waste heat
  • Front door
  • Window
  • Door for
    cleaning ash 2
  • Door for
    cleaning ash 1
  • Door for
    cleaning ash 3
  • Device for Cleaning sludge
· Setting drawing
  • When you install the stovepipe(exhaust),
    please be careful that wall isn't melted.
    (enclose stovepipe in on-melted metal sphere)
  • This setting drawing means minimum space between objects.
    Please install the stove on the wide space.
· Cleaning and Removing ash
1. Number of cleaning sludge in the burner is decided by kinds of pellet(quality).
    Commonly clean sludge in the burner twice a day. Or decide number of cleaning as firepower.
2. After opening door for cleaning ash 1, clean ash. Commonly clean ash in the door 1 once a 4~7 days.
3. After opening door for cleaning ash 2, clean ash. If stove is not used for a long time, after cleaning
    ash in the door 2, store the stove.
4. After opening door for cleaning ash 3, clean ash. Commonly clean ash in the door 3 once a month.
Perform the 1. after burning / Perform the 2~4. after burner is cool

· Specifications

Category Data
Size and Weight 735 × 500 × 1023 (length, width, height) mm 120Kg
Calorific value 8,000 Kcal ~ 20,000Kcal
Heating extent 90㎡ ~ 165㎡
Way of ignition 1Ø 110V 50/60HZ 500W (Hot-air heating)
Fuel stock 25KG
Fuel consumption 1.5KG ~ 4.5KG/Hr
Burner air fan 1Ø 220V 50/60HZ. 110/120W. 2.8/3.3m³/min
Heating air fan 1Ø 220V 50/60HZ. 41/46W. 7/8.2m³/min
Fueling motor 1Ø 220V 50/60HZ. 45/50W
Power supply 1Ø 110V 50/60HZ. Ignition:600W, Usual:150~200W