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1989 Development of high frequency equipment of Coil Varnish Coating M/C.
1991 Deviced a motor for electro motion tools.
1993 Development of 240KW high frequency equipment for Spiral Fin Tube Welding Machine.
1995 Development of friction Welder for high frequency heating facilities.
1997 Development of automatic 300KW pushing spiral fin tube welding mc.
1998 Development of Auto 240Kw pulling spiral fin tube welding mc.
2001 Development of automatic speed & H.F power controller (for fin tube welder)
the acquisition of ISO 9001.
2002 Spiral fin tube welding machine received Korea top quality E.M award from our government.
2003 Development of Servo motor on Carriage Unit from Gear type.
2004 Received the CE certificate on our fin tube welding machine.
2005 Approval a Ventrue Enterprice & Achieved of Inobiz certificate from business administration of government.
2006 Development of 'RPE(rust preventive equipment)'.
2007 Deviced of 'New type of 'Uncoiler'.
2008 Dviced of 'Flash Butt Welder'on fin to fin welding equipment.
2009 Exhibition “The Energy & Mining Indonesia Series 2009” & AE.
2010 Development of the 8 inch of Tube O.D. Machine and participated of EG.
2011 Exhibition “The Energy & Mining Indonesia Series 2009” & AE.
2012 Supplement of the Preheating, Powder Coating Machine and participated a exhibition of RU & GM.
2013 Deviced of welding on exclusive of AL, CU & SS.
2014 Move our head office & factory to new building.
2015 Succeed & Supply SSG(Solid State Generator) finally since 2010.
2016 Research & Develop weld with AL & CU fin by H.F. Welding.
2017 Succeed & Supply FTWM with AL & CU fin.
2018 Public Relations of both SSG, AL & CU fin welding for Heat Exchanger & Economizer fields.